UK - XHDATA D-808 Digital Radio FM Stereo AM SW Airband SSB RDS Receiver

  • UK - XHDATA D-808 Digital Radio FM Stereo AM SW Airband SSB RDS Receiver

UK - XHDATA D-808 Digital Radio FM Stereo AM SW Airband SSB RDS Receiver




XHDATA D-808 Digital Radio Precision Controlled FM stereo SSB AIR RDS Band LCD

XHDATA Portable Digital Radio FM stereo/ SW / MW / LW SSB Air Band Multi Band Radio Speaker with LCD Display, Alarm Clock


Product Description:


1. FM stereo / MW / LW/ SW SSB and Air Band radio, with high sensitivity and good selectivity, and the user-operation friendly

2. Adopt DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technique, analog high and medium frequency circuit and many frequency conversion,highly improve the receiver sensitivity, selectivity, and interference capability

3. FM reception range of 64 ~ 108MHz, suitable for global FM radio reception

4. Shortwave Single Side Band (SSB) minimum step is 1kHz, Upper Side Band (USB) and Lower Side Band (LSB) reception independent

5. SW external antenna jack

6. Independent speed double tuner

7. Many ways of selecting a station: Automatic Search (ATS); Manually searching the radio frequency (VF); Direct input frequency figures; Directly enter the stored station address number etc.

8. Can store up to 500 radio frequencies, divided into 50 storage pages

9. Timing boot regularly and Sleep timer shutdown function

10. Power supply: DC IN 5V, with Mirco -USB jack, also can use 18650 lithium battery to charge

11. 18650 lithium battery included USB charge cable, external antenna, and leather bag included in this radio package

Product Description:
Power Supply
18650 lithium battery
5V DC (adapter not included)
1, Frequency range
FM: 87.5 – 108(64-108)MHz
LW: 150 - 450kHz
MW: 522 - 1620kHz(9k Step)
520 - 1710 kHz(10k step)
SW: 1711 - 29999kHz
AIR:118 - 137MHz AM 
2, Sensitivity:

FM Less Than 3uV

LW Less Than 10mV/m

MW Less Than 0.5mV/m

SW Less Than 10uV

AIR Less Than 0.5uV

Dimensions & Weight



265g(battery not included)


1 x XHDATA D-808 Radio

1 x Custom Carry Bag

1 x External antenna

1 x USB-C charging cable

1 x 18650 lithium battery

1 x English user manual