BaoFeng UV-16 Pro IP68 (WaterProof) 128CH VHF/UHF FM CTCSS/DCS Amateur Radio

  • BaoFeng UV-16 Pro IP68 (WaterProof) 128CH VHF/UHF FM CTCSS/DCS Amateur Radio

BaoFeng UV-16 Pro IP68 (WaterProof) 128CH VHF/UHF FM CTCSS/DCS Amateur Radio


2023 The Newest Baofeng UV-16 Pro IP68 Waterproof Walkie Talkie - Legitimate 10watt radio with Bench Test to prove the result

This is the Long Range VHF UHF Upgrade Of BF UV-5R UV-10R Two Way CB Ham Radio 


Equipped with a waterproof protective structure, no fear of dust and rain. Regardless of accidental soaking/heavy rain/light rain.

Fall Resistance

The housing is made of high-hardness ABS+PC material,

heat resistance, fall resistance, and wear resistance.

Just so durable.

●Support USB (TYPE C) Charging

Computer USB/car charger/power bank/adaptor... All can be safely adaptable, convenient, and fast charging anytime and anywhere.

●High Gain Antenna

20cm upgraded length pure copper coil, high-quality metal jack,

increases gain and reduces standing waves.

The communication distance is longer and more stable.

●Large Battery

Large-capacity thickened li-ion battery with intelligent power saving program, high performance, and low power consumption.

Long-lasting standby, powerful battery life.


Equipped with LED high power torch support constant light and flashlight, worry-free night vision built-in FM radio function, add fun to outdoor activities.

●Extreme Feel

High elasticity soft silicone PTT button.

Slip-resistant and wear-resistant meeting the needs of high-strength use. 30° inclined numeric buttons clear feel to prevent misoperation.

●Clear Audio

Built-in professional audio decoder chip with loud treble and strong bass, comparable to the original voice.

Bring you an immersive outdoor intercom experience.

●UV-5R Upgraded Version

●High Power

●UV Dual Band


●FM radio

●USB PLUG Safe and fast charging

Main Features

• Frequency band: VHF/UHF
• VHF and UHF bands and channel names displayed

• Up to 128 memory channels                                        

• Squelch adjustable in 9 levels

• 50 CTCSS tones and 210 DCS codes
• 1750Hz tone for repeaters

• SOS Emergency function
• LCD display with backlight adjustable in 3 colors

• FM radio receiver (87.5-108MHz)

• VOX, Scan, Dual Watch functions

• Channel or frequency mode selection
• Power Save

• TOT (Time out timer)
• DTMF function

• Reverse function
• Alarm function

• CTCSS and DCS codes research
• Setting and storing of channel names

• Busy Channel Lockout function (BCL)
• High/low power selection

• Frequency step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz

• Frequency offset (adjustable): 0-69.990MHz

• Repeater shift
• 2pin Kenwood accessory jack

• VOICE: vocal indication of the function selected        

• Keypad lock

• Li-Ion battery pack
• Battery allows direct charging from the DC port

Technical Specifications:

Frequency band

136-174MHz & 400-520MHz

Memory channels



  High Power

Power supply

 Li-Ion battery DC 7.4V

Operating temperature

-10°C to + 45°C

Working mode




Max. frequency deviation

≤ ±5KHz

Spurious radiation

< -60dB

Frequency stability

±2.5 ppm

Rx sensitivity

< 0.2uV

Audio output power

≥ 500mW


58x109x33mm (LxAxP)


Your Two Way Radio is an electronic product of exact design and should be treated with care.

If your product is damaged or has quality problems within 3 months, we will replace the product for you.
(Artificial damage is not have warranty/Gifts without warranty/Products return fee paid by the buyer)

The suggestions below will help you to enjoy this product for many years.

• Do not attempt to open the radio for any reason! The radio’s precision mechanics and electronics require experience and specialized equipment; for the same reason, the radio should under no circumstances be realigned as it has already been calibrated for maximum performance. Unauthorized opening of the transceiver will void the warranty.

• Do not store the Radio under the sunshine or in hot areas.

• High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, and warp or melt certain plastics.

• Do not store the radio in dusty and dirty areas.

• Keep the Radio dry. Rainwater or damp will corrode electronic circuits.

• If it appears that the Radio diffuses peculiar smell or smoke, please shut off its power immediately and take off the charger or battery from the radio.

• Do not transmit without antenna.

Content of the packaging

• 1 X Radio - Black and Orange only

• 1 X Antenna

• 1 X Belt clip

• 1 X Lanyard

• 1 X Li-Ion battery pack

• 1 X Charger USB only

• 1 X Manual

• 1 X Box