Xtra-PC with PC Rescue 16,32 & 64GB Pro Versions + loads of Speedup Utilities

  • Xtra-PC with PC Rescue 16,32 & 64GB Pro Versions + loads of Speedup Utilities

Xtra-PC with PC Rescue 16,32 & 64GB Pro Versions + loads of Speedup Utilities


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We are a UK based consultancy, and I no longer need these items, and they are new, and untouched - bought directly from Xtra-PC in the USA during the summer of 2019 where we were based in Washington/Virginia VA.

We also bought some new items from Photobox Europe, online from European and UK auctions,  and online web service based companies, and we always verify them as new before marking for resale. We are not an authorised seller of items from Xtra-PC USA or Photobox Europe nor do we represent them in anyway. 

We also supply software on our packaging which includes driver replacement and update software, the best in the industry, as well as a total PC makeover for your old pc. Old drivers and unloved hard drives are likely to slow down your machine by as much as 82% after 2 years. This software which is free functioning, will restore your pc in under 3 minutes.

Please see the following review for your assessment of whether this tool is right for you :


Software includes :
  • Driver Booster Pro - detects and replaces all old and out of date manufacturers software/firmware/bios on your pc, and brings them to latest release for compatibility for windows 10 etc
  • Smart Game Booster Pro - detects your machines essentials and promotes only items needed for playing games and turns everything else off, to boost performance whilst you play
  • Advanced SystemCare Pro - detects and police's your pc/laptop and removes all the gunk, and old files that Microsoft and others leave on your machine, tidies all essential files nicely.
the combination of these 3 software products which are free to use, with an upgrade available to purchase directly, is an improvement of over 30-80% on PC's and Laptops

We lost some of the packaging, but not all the bits, they are not registered or used at all on any machine, they were just in case.

Xtra-PC Runs Through Your USB Port

Xtra-PC is a flash drive stick that you insert into an available USB port on your PC. Built on the proven foundation of Linux, it bypasses the old, slow, bloated Windows operating system to make your PC into a blazing fast, high performance PC with a new, simple to use, operating system that has the familiar look and feel of your Windows PC.  It even works with missing or faulty hard drives. Since it runs on a USB stick, your existing computer is not altered, and you?ll have access to all of your old files. You simply plug it in, restart your PC to boot into USB, and start using Xtra-PC!

Xtra-PC is easy to use and made for speed.  

Will Xtra-PC Work On My Computer?

Most laptops, desktops, and netbooks made in 2008 or later work with Xtra-PC.  Xtra-PC runs from the USB slot so you don't even need any operating system to be currently working on your computer.  Because Xtra-PC runs from USB, it even works on computers with missing or faulty hard drives.

For newer computers that originally had Windows 8 or Windows 10, you may be required to disable Secure Boot or set it to legacy mode. 

Your computer must be able to boot from USB. Most computers made after 2008 will boot from USB.  

Most Apple computers made after 2011 should work. Apple computers must be able to boot to USB by pressing the option key at start up.

While not necessary, to enjoy all the amazing features of Xtra-PC, it is highly recommended that you have a wireless or LAN internet connection.

Have Questions? Find Answers Here.

What are the available shipping methods and times?

How do I change my computer BIOS setting to boot from USB?  

Can I use Xtra-PC on a Mac?

Yes.   We have, however, seen that Macs before 2011 might not boot to USB.

Will I lose the existing files on my computer when I use Xtra-PC?
No.  Xtra-PC runs from the USB and does not touch or modify the existing files in any way.

Can I access the files, photos, and music, that are on my old computer?
Yes. The hard drive can be accessed from the old computer from Xtra-PC , making all of those files available if you choose.  

My old computer doesn?t have a hard drive.  Can I use Xtra-PC on it?
Yes!  Xtra-PC runs from the USB drive, so your computer doesn?t even need a hard drive to work like new using Xtra-PC.

Do I have to be connected to the internet at all times, like on a Chromebook?
No.   Photos, music, DVDs, document creation and editing can all be done without an internet connection.  However, an internet connection is highly recommended for the initial set-up.

How much storage does Xtra-PC Turbo and Xtra-PC Pro have? 
Turbo16 has 16GB of storage. Turbo32 has 32GB of storage.  More than enough for storing photos, files, music, movies.  This is the same amount of storage as most Chromebooks.  Pro has 64 GB of storage for most any need.

My old computer had a virus, which is why I shelved it.  Can I use this computer for Xtra-PC?
Yes.  Xtra-PC runs from the USB drive, so it can be used with computers that have viruses, or even those that are missing a hard drive.

I have favorite Windows programs that I use.  Can I use those on Xtra-PC?
No, but most of those programs have online equivalents that are easy to use, with capabilities that are just like Windows programs. For example, while Microsoft Office will not run on Xtra-PC, Xtra-PC comes with LibreOffice which has all the equivalent programs that Microsoft Office has.

Can I install programs such as Skype on my Xtra-PC system? 
Yes, we designed Xtra-PC to allow users to easily add programs.

How do I use a wireless mouse or keyboard with Xtra-PC?
There are a number of wireless mice and keyboards that use a USB dongle or USB receiver that work well with Xtra-PC.  To use these, simply insert into the USB port, and your mouse or keyboard will be detected immediately, with no configuration needed.

Can I use more than one monitor with Xtra-PC?
Yes.  Full instructions for this are provided

Does Xtra-PC support my webcam?

Does Xtra-PC support Bluetooth?

What types of computers can I use Xtra-PC on?
Xtra-PC can run on a wide variety of desktop, netbook, and laptop computers.

My computer is an older model.  Will Xtra-PC work on it?
Xtra-PC runs on most computers that are twelve years old or newer.  Better performance will be seen on computers that are newer. For additional information on hardware requirements,

My laptop doesn?t have a wireless network card.  Can I use Xtra-PC?
Yes.  You can use Xtra-PC without a wireless connection for applications such as watching DVDs, playing music CDs and MP3s, viewing photos, using OpenOffice, and more.  However, if you want to access the internet using your laptop, you can use a wired network connection if it?s available.  

Why do I need Xtra-PC if I?m not going to use the internet?
Even without an internet connection, Windows often becomes slower and slower over time, resulting in very long boot times and causing programs to load and run slowly.  And even if your Windows computer isn?t connected to the internet now, most likely it was at some point, causing it to be exposed to malware and viruses that could dramatically compromise your computer?s performance.   Also, the Xtra-PC operating system is specifically designed to run efficiently on outdated hardware and requires far fewer computer resources than Windows XP or Windows 7, resulting in Xtra-PC booting and running much faster than your Windows system.

How does the performance of Xtra-PC compare to my old computer?
There are many factors that go into performance, so comparisons are difficult. If your old computer had malware, bloatware or viruses, you should see a marked improvement in performance.

Since Xtra-PC runs from the USB, how can it have decent performance?
We have done extensive testing of USB memory devices and have selected the ones we use to optimize performance. Your performance will vary depending on your configuration of memory, processor, video card, bus speed, etc. Sometimes the USB might seem slower than running from a hard drive, particularly in intensive disk type operations. But other times after items have been ?cached? into memory, you will see better performance.